Reflecting After First Two Weeks

The Greece Communitere team arrived in Thessaloniki at the beginning of April.

The first two weeks were busy making connections, meeting new people, tasting amazing new foods, and learning the lay of the land. We rented a car, found an apartment/base of operations, became acquainted with the vibrant street art culture of Thessaloniki, made new friends, and found our favorite place to eat at Bit Bazaar.

Greece Communitere Country Director, Erika Barraza reflected on her first two weeks in-country in an article on Medium:

If you want true inspiration, always look for the people running into the chaos. These teams are nurturing resiliency, but they are also examining what human potential can achieve in the right environment.













Our first rental car, a teeny tiny Fiat Panda!

We’re excited about all of the work that lays ahead and as for now, couldn’t imagine a better place to be working from. To read Erika’s full account of our first two weeks, you can find her article here.