Building Community Agency Globally

A shift in narrative for Communitere International…

Greece Communitere was able to launch thanks to a generous donation from the American Refugee Committee (ARC). The initial funding from ARC was intended only for a 6-month pilot project. Communitere’s previous experience has shown that funding is needed for at least 18-24 months total to make a real impact and enable handing over sustainable resource centers to the local community.

As a result, Communitere International has just launched a new crowdfunding campaign. As Communitere shifts from a narrative of disaster response and relief, to helping build resilience in communities of all backgrounds, they have opened themselves up to an entire new realm of possibilities, for example: Greece Communitere!

This campaign is intended to accommodate this shift and impending growth. This funding will allow Communitere International to continue providing technical and administrative support to already-established Communitere hubs around the world; in Greece, it will allow us to continue operations to a fully sustainable facility and finally, it will allow us to launch new resource centers in new parts of the world in moments of crisis.


See the full campaign and story here, and please consider donating and/or sharing with your own network. It will help us keep our doors open beyond the ARC funding timeline, as well as it will help Communitere to continue responding to crises and maintaining other amazing community spaces around the world.

Watch Country Director, Erika and Committee Co-Chair, Brent introduce Greece Communitere!