Response. Relief. Renewal.

Our grassroots approach involves an active, experienced, on-the-ground presence with a focus on providing the resources, processes and tools required to empower local people and groups to take an active role in the renewal and strengthening of their own communities. In addition, we are committed to bridging the gap between individuals who are willing to help and organizations that can effect change. Central to that commitment is the notion that communication, information, and strategic partnerships are vital for strengthening local communities in their renewal. Greece Communitere has been on the ground in Thessaloniki, Greece since April 2017. We look forward to sharing how Greece Communitere has supported local communities affected by both the refugee and economic crises.


When crisis strikes, Communitere responds. Communitere was established immediately after the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Our assessment teams work with community members and organizations to provide immediate emergency services and support.

Communitere launches location-specific relief programs that foster connectivity and the establishment of aid that was truly needed by the local community. Our programs fill gaps in humanitarian assistance and promote sustainable resource use.

In this phase, Communitere helps create lasting infrastructures designed to be used and maintained by local communities. We support community members in renewing their communities with their own ideas and goals, ultimately strengthening civil society through an inclusive approach to development and social change. We also provide the space for local, national and international groups and organizations that require the resources and a physical location to work with the local community to support their renewal.

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