JESSICACountry Director.  Jessica is an anthropologist and community organizer hooked on Haiti, community building, and social change. She believes strongly in solidarity economy models, which reinforce justice, collaboration, ecological sustainability and democracy. Since 2002, she has been working largely in the rural regions of Haiti focused on community-driven social and environmental justice and continues to be active in a number of different collaborative advocacy efforts bridging the rural, to the urban to the international. Jessica currently sits on the board of the Lambi Fund of Haiti, an organization which supports participatory democracy and bottom-up, community-driven to development.
She can always be found carrying her dancing shoes and ready to jump into a soccer game whether on the street, beach or a field; followed by a shared cold beverage (preferably a prestige).


DEKEOperations Director.  Deke Bowman is a creative, a tinkerer, but a ‘development person’ by practice and education. He completed his graduate studies in International Development at Eastern University in 2011,and has thrived while living and working in Latin America, West and East Africa and now Haiti. Deke has a mix of valuable skills and experience in design, development, and business, as well as an inquisitive nature, which means he enjoys solving problems. On any given day, you will find Deke crunching numbers, working with local staff and partners, or prototyping and developing new systems.  Other days Deke can be found seeking out unique scenes to capture through photography. Deke’s creativity, logic and eagerness to learn provide a diverse foundation for role as Operations Director at Haiti Communitere.  The only time Deke’s logic is seriously questioned is when he embarks on a regular 3-5 mile run in the Haitian heat.

Resource Center Support.  Bertran started taking care of our plants and green spaces in 2013. He comes three times a week and is one of the hardest working people we know. Betran loves the green plants and works hard to protect them from burning in the sun. Bertran is the father of four girls who are 11, 10, 8 and 6 years old.


BRUTUSGuard.  Brutus joined our security team in 2010. He loves to laugh and sing … in fact, he would have loved to have become a professional singer! He is a wonderful host to the people staying on base or visiting the Resource Center. In addition, he enjoys teaching international volunteers Creole words and loves to learn English words in return. When we asked him what he really likes, he answered immediately: his family.


CAROLINEOffice Manager. Caroline brought her cheerfulness and accounting skills to Haiti Communitere in 2013. She loves to learn and is a student at the English In Mind Institute (EIM). Caroline has a great sense of humor, patience for days and loves to practice her English.


CHARLESGuard.  Charles was one of the first people to join our team when he started working at Haiti Communitere in July 2010. He works the night shift at our gate and is a solid rock in our everyday fast paced schedules. Charles loves riding his bike to work but still dreams of upgrading his ride to a motorcycle someday. His favorite month of the year is July because that’s when he celebrates his birthday.


FRITZGuard.  As the eldest of six brothers, Fritz has taken on the responsibility for the care of his family and the support of his siblings as they pursue their education. Fritz is incredibly reliable and is always available ot lend a helping hand wherever needed. Before the earthquake, Fritz was a professional hairdresser, a vocation he always loved. Don’t hesitate to ask him to set up an appointment if you need a cut or style!


GUERLINEHospitality Team. Guerline joined our team in 2013. She makes sure our rooms are clean and our sheets smell like flowers. Her unconditional smile and never ending cheerfulness contribute so much to everyone else having a great day. At home, Guerline takes care of her 13-year-old son, Guerson, whose name -like hers- means “warrior.”


MACKENSONResource Center Support. Macken started working with Haiti Communitere in June 2011. He comes once a week to help us keep our Resource Center in good shape. Mackenson is our resident philosopher and is always ready to spark up a lively discussion on ethics, Haiti’s future or personal development. When asked about one thing that he really cares about, Macken answered, simply, “life.”


RIGAUDGuard. Rigaud started working with us in July 2010. He likes to talk to visitors and guests who come to the Resource Center to find out about their ongoing projects. Learning from our visitors, he says, has given him important insights and communication and public relations. While Rigaud says he would love to see different countries, he will always return to Haiti.


SAMUELBase Manager. Samuel has been an essential part of Haiti Communitere since 2011. Samuel cares so much about his work that we sometimes joke that he is actually married to Haiti Communitere. Everyday, Samuel sets the optimistic tone during our morning meetings and makes sure the Resource Center runs as smoothly as possible. We know that his is not an easy job and are impressed with Samuel’s continuing cheerfulness and resourcefulness.


YASMINEHospitality Team. Yasmine has one of the most important jobs on base: feeding eager and hungry volunteers and employees! Fifteen extra people for dinner? Not a reason to freak out for this patient, resourceful and skilled team member. Her hometown is les Cayes, where her son Clifford still lives today. Yasmine loves to learn new recipes and to go to the church next door.