Your donation will go directly to help communities get access to what they need to rebuild.

All international team members at Haiti Communitere work on a volunteer basis, from the director to the new arrivals. Volunteers pay a per diem cost, which is used to cover operating costs and employ several Haitian staff. The per diems cover 100% of our overhead, ensuring all donations go directly to programming.

Currently, we use donations to continuously develop the Resource Center to meet the needs of Haitian and international partner organizations and to fund community outreach programs.

If you are coming to Haiti Communitere and would like to donate, there are multiple ways of doing so.

Haiti Communitere is fiscally sponsored by the Omprakash Foundation. The Omprakash Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID# 20-8655418

Donate to Haiti Communitere through our friends at Omprakash:

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